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Academic Suspension Appeals Procedure

A student on academic probation whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) remains below the minimum required and who does not qualify for an additional term of academic probation will be placed on academic suspension for one year. If you are notified that you have been placed on academic suspension, you may appeal the decision. Be advised that appeals are rarely granted, but they may be considered in cases where there were extreme circumstances outside your control that interfered with successful academic work.

Examples of extreme circumstances that may warrant an exception:

  • Your cumulative GPA is so low that it was mathematically impossible to meet the required standard, but there was significant progress. (Your term GPA met the required standard.)
  • You required an extended stay in Cox Cottage with a physical challenge during the semester.
  • You were directly involved with a protracted or serious personal or family issue during the semester.
  • Your required level on the minimum GPA scale changed suddenly due to approval of a large quantity of transfer credit.

How you submit an appeal:

  • Your appeal must be made in writing and addressed to the Dean of Academics.
  • Your written appeal must contain a clear statement about the extreme circumstances outside your control that warrant an exception. You should submit evidence of your situation.
  • Input in writing from your academic advisor(s) and the professors of the classes you took in your final semester should also be submitted with your appeal. These letters should speak to your attendance, attitude, completion of assignments, and the professors’ awareness of your extreme circumstances. It may also be helpful to submit input from your resident counselor.
  • Your appeal must be submitted by the deadline indicated in your suspension letter.

After your appeal is submitted:

  • The Dean will acknowledge receipt of your appeal.
  • The Dean may also contact you to speak with you directly about your situation. The decision will be made by the Dean of Academics in consultation with the Scholastic Committee chair and the Registrar.
  • Once the decision has been reached, you will receive a verbal response from the Dean followed by a formal written notification. You should not travel back to Principia with the expectation of re-enrolling unless you have been notified that your appeal has been granted.
  • The Dean will officially notify Scholastic Committee and the Registrar of the outcome of your appeal. A copy of the decision notification will be placed in your student file in the Registrar’s Office.
  • If your appeal is successful, your end-of-term academic standing will be changed from academic suspension to extended academic probation by appeal for one semester. You will be expected to raise your GPA to the required level during that term, or you will be suspended.
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